The Amethyst Bio-Mat

The Richway Amethyst Bio-Mat is a life-changing piece of medical equipment. This device revolutionized the way we treat our patients. For in-depth information, including information about medical studies, visit .

Madre Madeira Healing Remedies

"Quantum Healing Remedies to bring Balance to Spirit, Mind and Body."

Madre Madeira is a line of love infused healing essences created and developed by Dr. Kat and Rev. Emilyanne.

Using the power of intent and prayer, we infuse each bottle with the intent to bring wellness and balance directed specifically to aid the balancing of the topic the remedy is formulated to help with. Madre Madeira Healing Remedies have received amazing testimonials from the people who have tried it - most saying they can feel a profound sense of peace, calm and harmonizing within their bodies after only one drop of any given remedy.

To learn more about Madre Madeira Master Remedies, Click here

Also - We offer personalized Madre remedies customized to your specific needs. If you are interested in having a personalized remedy made, Contact us at
or by phone at 425-774-1814

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